Issue 2

This issue explores the current paradigms within the artworld. 

This consists of a video interview examining the relationship to art making and its inseparable association to political ideologies of the time. Inquiring into devotional practices, community based works vs individualism, instinctive vs premeditated pieces, divisions vs continuums, and creative impulse vs social conditioning.

A constructed virtual library exploring internet weirdness, such as videos on how to cut kale and mix cheese. This library illustrates the nature of audience interactions in constructing value, human behaviour, relationships, and interactions happening on the internet. With different examples, Library of the Non-Art investigates the internet culture, and innovative ways for artists to produce and present work for the digital platform.

An experimental video by a rapper using music to critique the contemporary art milieu from his personal viewpoint.

A text interview investigating the contradictory nature of humans, the separation between “mainstream” and “niche” cultures, and the rights to freely express. Exploring the relationship between fashion and high art.